Oval is a well-connected, calm, and central oasis in London that hosts some of the city’s most highly regarded educational institutions. While Oval is known for its legendary cricket ground, the nearby educational facilities are where children can genuinely get a sporting chance at a well-rounded education. Oval’s nearby schools accentuate it as one of the safest areas for young families to thrive in London.

We’ve compiled a round-up of the top schools in London near Oval, all with an Outstanding rating from Ofsted.

Henry Fawcett Primary School

Type: Public, co-ed Ages: Nursery to Year 6

Henry Fawcett School has earned its reputation as an excellent establishment by boasting a diverse, relevant, and engaging curriculum. Students at this school are taught to manage their relationships, health, and finances early in life, setting them up for a bright future. The school provides the opportunity for student-led, elected roles, including a full-fledged student council. Henry Fawcett Primary sits just outside the Oval, near Oval Underground station. Its rooftop playground is a prime environment for children to frolic and flourish.


Archbishop Sumner School

Type: Public, co-ed, voluntary, aided

Ages: Reception to Year 6

Everything this school provides for its students reaffirms its motto: “Achieve. Believe. Serve.” Archbishop Sumner reinforces values of empathy and community-building while cultivating students’ abilities in academia, sports, and the creative arts. Given its central location, day trips to the Natural History or Victoria and Albert Museums are commonplace, and they even connect students with debating workshops at the Houses of Parliament. The school is inclusive despite its status as a Christian establishment. Its pupils regularly go on to receive bursaries and scholarships for private schools.


Lilian Baylis Technology School

Type: Public, co-ed, community Ages: Years 7 to 11, plus Sixth Form

Lilian Baylis focuses on its community as a first-choice community school prioritising local children. The curriculum seeks to empower its pupils through knowledge-based, research-grounded teaching, yielding impressive results while preserving student well-being. Regular visits to the Oval cricket ground foster close connections with the gorgeous surrounding area. A sixth-form college option is also available for those children who prefer a consistent learning environment leading up to higher education.


Ashmole Primary School

Type: Free school, public, co-ed Ages: Reception to Year 6

“Excellence is a habit” is the motto that rings out through the corridors of Ashmole Primary, reflected in its “Outstanding” Ofsted status. Ashmole offers the core subjects of English, Maths, and Sciences and specialist teaching in other creative, technological, and physical education areas. They also offer Spanish as a versatile entry into learning foreign languages. Ashmole aims to provide thrilling, memorable, and meaningful lessons that help children develop their interests and strengths before offering the option of moving on to their senior school, Ashmole Academy.


Vauxhall Primary School

Type: Foundation, public, co-ed Ages: Reception to Year 6

This establishment in nearby Vauxhall is a four-minute drive away from Oval and promises to encourage children towards excellence without sacrificing enjoyment. A diverse student community boasts a demanding but engaging curriculum and a unique variety of after-school clubs, including boxing, Taekwondo, and Wii Fit. The school even has its own TV station, VPS TV, to give parents and children the chance to capture Nativity plays and school productions forever, nurturing creativity and supporting children. Vauxhall Primary does everything it can to acknowledge and develop the uniqueness of every child.