London is a global epicentre of arts and culture, but Oval is an unsung cultural treasure in southeast London. Being in Oval doesn’t mean cutting yourself off from what makes London great. It’s close enough to access central London quickly via the Tube or on foot. However, it’s removed enough that residents can find peace away from the hustle and bustle of London life, providing the perfect balance between connecting and chilling out. A 15-minute walk or short cab ride in any direction lets you tap into London’s rich artistic and cultural lifeblood at the drop of a hat.

The Kia Oval

The Kia Oval (then simply The Oval) has been a mainstay of the British sporting landscape and the home of Surrey County Cricket Club since 1845. Not merely a must-visit for avid cricket fans, the arena also hosted the first England vs. Scotland football fixture and 1872’s inaugural FA Cup final. Far from its humble beginnings as a market garden and cabbage patch, the Kia Oval hosts international cricket fixtures and events, and its music concerts over the years have included The Who, Frank Zappa, and Emerson, Lake and Palmer. Tours of the ground are available, and they serve a fantastic afternoon tea to boot.

Golden Goose Theatre

The Golden Goose sits at the cutting edge of new theatre. This newly founded 85-seat pub theatre has hosted multiple shows from award-winning companies and writers. Just five minutes away in a car or eight on the Underground, the Golden Goose allows audiences to glimpse the new talent bubbling away in the corners of London that most people don’t get to see. Its founder won an “Outstanding Contribution” award from London Pub Theatres, showing that not every production needs to be a West-End blowout to provide an entertaining, thought-provoking night out.

Big Belly Bar & Comedy Club

Those in Oval searching for laughs on any day of the week need look no further than the Big Belly Bar & Comedy Club. Situated less than a mile away in nearby Vauxhall, Big Belly puts up-and-coming comedians front-and-centre, meaning that you don’t have far to go if you’re looking to get ahead of the next superstars of the UK stand-up circuit. Fans of every type of comedy, from slapstick to satire to dry wit, will find something to enjoy here. At weekends, talent from some of the top TV showcases and panel shows (like Live at The Apollo or Taskmaster) roll through for special sets.

Imperial War Museum

Free to visit, the Imperial War Museum London provides a fascinating, inspiring, and moving glimpse into Britain’s military history through the eyes of the public who lived through it. Across six floors, the museum brings to life some of the world’s most turbulent periods, including the First and Second World Wars, the Holocaust, and beyond. The Atrium alone, with its delicately suspended Spitfire and Harrier Jumpjet aircraft, is a spectacle to behold. While it’s not always pretty, the IWM show’s how the UK’s involvement in the most pivotal moments of modern history shaped its culture. Plus, it’s only a short Underground ride from Oval.

Kennington Park

This award-winning park is, quite simply, a tranquil and beautiful day out. One of the first parks in London, Kennington Park boasts an Old English flower garden, fountains, fully mature trees, and sporting facilities for the more active Londoner. (Appropriately for somewhere so close to The Kia Oval, it also hosts cricket fixtures.) Kennington also hosts Bee Urban, London’s focal point for beekeeping and the conservation of pollinators. It’s not one of London’s most talked about parks, but it remains one of its most significant and most pleasant – and it’s right on Oval’s doorstep.